Fast Design 7 provides Professional, Fast and affordable Design Services, Computer Services and much more. In Los Angeles California.
Services for Everyone including You, Businesses, Entertainers, Models, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Regular People, Families, pets, animals, fishes, bacteria, the curious, objects and Everyone else currently living on Planet Earth or elsewhere.

Fast and Professional Services for YOU & Everyone!

Welcome to We provide the following and more:

1. Fast Website Design, Site Redesign or Upgrades...
I can create a looking Great Website for You or for anyone You know (All is possible). Custom made website creation or I can make your Website look similar to any website on the internet (Anything your like). We can meet in LA.
Website Redesign - I can fix/re-design your old website to get more customers. Improve your old website and make more money.
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2. Fast & Helpful Computer Services...
Computer Repair & improvement - I can fix all problems & Speed up your PC.
Computer Classes - Learn all about your computer & the internet.
Software Installation - I install lots of software & can teach you how to use it.
AND MORE Call for a FREE Consultation
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Fast Photo Special Effects & Digital Photography..
I can create any Special Effect you can imagine to your Photos.
I can animate your photos, make your skinnier, fatter lighter, darker, switch body parts, put you next to anyone famous or any of your friends.
ALL is Possible. I live and work in Los Angeles CA.
I also do high quality Photography


4. Fast Graphic Design... Graphics for Cards, Flyers, Ads and more.
You need business cards so You can give them to people when they ask You for your WEBSITE ADDRESS, email or Phone Number. All successful people have business cards to save time and meet new people, customers and friends.
You can also approach people and give them your Business cards, flyers or ads.
Advertise with Business cards, flyers, internet ads & more.
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5. Fast Audio/Video Editing, Recording & More...
Video Recording: I can record Videos of You or Your Business for any purpose.
Video & Audio Editing: I can fix or edit Your Video files, shrink the File size of Videos, turn your videos into DVD or vise versa. Many video & audio services.
Video & Audio Conversion: I can Convert your Audio or Videos to any file type you want including, DVD, MP3, CD, Files for ipods or any other device.

And Much More.

Fast Contact information - Call 323..635..3771
Free Consultation, Free Sample (for some people) and More. Open 11am to 9pm

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